Web Development Courses

Web Development

Also Known as Web Programming, Server Side Development, PHP/MySql Programming, Web Application Development, Ajax Development, Javascript Development

Skill sets you learn : PHP/MySql/Javascript/Jquery/Ajax

Course objective:
After completing the course the candidate will be able to:

  • Develop a dynamic website
  • Develop custom web application
  • Develop interaction using Javascript/jQuery
  • Build dynamic features with AJAX

Prerequisite: Command on english language, Programming background and Logic

Who can take this course:Front end developers, Engineering graduates

Course content:

  • Internet Basics
  • HTML/HTML5 tags
  • CSS/CSS3
  • Different ways of applying CSS in a webpage
  • Why DIV over Tables
  • Converting a design into html page
  • Various CSS techniques
  • CSS3 animations and fallbacks
  • Creating CSS files using LESS compliler
  • Optimizing for mobile using media queries
  • Developing various UI elements
  • Testing it in various browsers
  • Writing style for print
  • Developing HTML E-Mailers
  • Web Development Tools
  • Coding standards and guidelines
  • Wrapping Up
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