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Beginners guide to Php/MySQL Ajax programming

Develop dynamic database driven websites, application and content management system using php, mysql and ajax

Also Known as web developer, php/mysql programmer, ajax developer

Gets hands on with lot of exersices, assignments and projects

Skill sets you learn :

  • Php
  • MySQL
  • AJAX

Course objective:
After completing the course the candidate will be able to:

  • Develop dynamic database driven websites
  • Design and create database in MySQL
  • Create Content Management system
  • Interact with database asynchronously

Prerequisite: Command on english language, Programming knowledge or experience

Who can take this course: Web Designers, Front end developer, User interface and Visual Designers, Interaction Designers, Project Managers. anyone who wants to enter in web development and make career as a web developer.

Course content:

  • PHP:
    • Understanding Server side programming
    • Understanding PHP
    • Create php includes for scability
    • Creating/Reading files in PHP
    • Working with forms in PHP
    • Connecting to database
    • Inserting/update/delete and list data with database
    • Search from database
    • Create pagination
    • Filterting and sorting content
    • Uploading images
    • Handling user sessions
    • Displaying data from JSON file
  • MySQL:
    • Introduction to Database
    • Creating database
    • Creating table
    • Understanding database type
    • Primary key and foreign key
    • Creating relationship between tables
    • Understanding joins to retreive records
    • Add, alter, delete records
  • AJAX:
    • Introduction to AJAX
    • Understanding XMLHTTP object/li>
    • A simple AJAX example with PHP/li>
    • Understanding Response and Request
    • Ajax Events
    • AJAX PHP project
    • AJAX and JSON/XML project

Final project:
Students will be provided with a set HTML pages and all the requirements of a dynamic website or application

Course Duration:
3 months (36 sessions of 2 hours each)

Course Fees:
Rs. 15000
Rs. 7500 (50% Discount - enroll before March 2015)

1st march 2015 Seats limited to 6
Alternate days - 9 AM to 11 AM

Flat No. 1, Paras Park Apartment, Nitya Seva, Ahmednagar.

About the faculty
Tayyeb Shaikh holds M.Sc. in computer science from Ahmednagar college. 8+ years of experience in web development not limited to Action script, Javascript, PHP, Perl, AJAX.

For Registration and more details
Send an email to Tayyeb Shaikh

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