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Javascript programming Course

Beginners guide to javascript programming

Develop interactive web pages and interfaces using javascript

Also Known as Javascript developer, User Interaction (UI) Developer

Gets hands on with lot of exersices, assignments and projects

Skill sets you learn :

  • Fundamentals of Programming logic, concepts and techniques
  • Document Object Model
  • Javascript
  • JSON

Course objective:
After completing the course the candidate will be able to:

  • Develop interactive webpages and interfaces
  • Validate a form
  • Create rich user interaction
  • Create javascript photogalleries and slideshows
  • Create javascript lightbox and modal window
  • Read and display data from JSON file

Prerequisite: Command on english language, Basic Computer Knowledge, Photoshop basics, Internet basics

Who can take this course: Web Designers, Web Programmers, User interface and Visual Designers, Interaction Designers, Project Managers. anyone who wants to enter in web development and make career as a web developer.

Course content:

  • Introduction to programming
  • Understand flow chart
  • What is Javascript
  • Various programming concepts in javascript
    • Data types
    • Variables
    • Operators
    • If/else/Switch case construct
    • Loops
    • Functions
    • Arrays
    • JSON
  • Logical exercises to apply concepts and create flow charts
  • Developing various Javascript interactions such as
    • Performing some interaction when the page loads
      • Ask the user for some information and display feedback accordingly
      • Check the time and Greet the user
      • Detect browser and version and apply class to body tag
    • Perform some action on form elements
    • Read the information from various forms elements
    • Validate the information submitted by the user in a form
    • Add/Update/Delete page element depending on user actions
    • Read Information from Array/JSON object and display it on the page
    • Filter data depending on user choice
    • Create pagination for number of records
    • Make a digital clock
    • Display time from 4 different cities
    • Create a photogallery with thumbnails/next/prev feature
    • Position the overlay to occupy the entire page width and height, resize the overlay when window is resize
    • Position the Modal Window in the center of the screen and reset the position when the window is resize
  • Javascript Tools
  • Javascript standards, best practices and performance optimization guidelines
  • Wrapping Up

Final project:
Students will be provided with a set HTML pages and provided with requirements of Functionality/Interactions that they need to develop.

Course Duration:
2 months (25 sessions of 2 hours each)

Course Fees:
Rs. 11000
Rs. 5500 (50% Discount - enroll before March 2015)

1st march 2015 Seats limited to 6
Alternate days - 9 AM to 11 AM

Flat No. 1, Paras Park Apartment, Nitya Seva, Ahmednagar.

About the faculty
Tayyeb Shaikh holds M.Sc. in computer science from Ahmednagar college. 8+ years of experience in web development not limited to Action script, Javascript, PHP, Perl, AJAX.

For Registration and more details
Send an email to Tayyeb Shaikh

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